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Someone, tell me… since when landline telephone has become the target for discrimination in this world?

As I mention in my WELCOME message on this website, I’m one of those rare individuals that don’t carry a mobile phone. And that’s causing me a lot of grief these days.

Just the other day, I tried to enroll in a course via online application form – but without entering a mobile number I couldn’t proceed to the payment page. No matter how many times I tried to enter my landline number – in all sorts of different formats – it would return an error message saying: ‘enter a valid mobile number’.

BLOODY HELL, I don’t have a f***ing valid mobile number, and I can’t provide something I simply don’t have!!! Do you really want me to enroll in your course or not?!!?!

So many times, whenever I try to enter an online prize draw, or do some banking, or whatever, I get rejected just because I don’t have a mobile number. And I’m sick of being treated like a second-class citizen because of that!!!

But there are a few commendable institutions that recognize there are people without a mobile phone, and St George Bank is one of them. They give you an option to verify your transaction by receiving a voice mail verification code on your landline. Bravo! For that reason, they get my thumbs up!

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