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April 2019

…So, I have just launched my own website – which is a massive irony, because a ‘computer person’ would probably be the last thing to describe my persona. I mean, I know I’m capable of handling computer if I put my mind to it, but I just don’t like dealing with it. It’s the same thing as my dislike of cooking: I know I’m capable of making some reasonable dishes, but I just don’t enjoy the act of cooking at all. Since what I do for a living involves a lot of typing on computer, I couldn’t even be bothered checking my private emails on weekends!

Suffice to say that I want to live in the real world and not in the cyber world. I could live happily ever after in the middle of the Himalaya mountains without the Internet or email.

Then why am I launching this website now? …Well, so it happens that I’m between jobs at the time of writing this message. Whilst exploring my next career move, I also looked at some photographic job opportunities – but most of the potential employers were asking for a ‘link to your online portfolio’, which I did not have. Apparently, they would no longer accept your portfolio of the printed variety these days. So, I’ve reluctantly reached the conclusion that, in this modern era, you’ll just have to have your online presence, like it or not.

As you might have sussed it out by now, I’m not into social media, either. You see, I’m the type of person who would read every single word in the T&Cs and Privacy Policy before signing up for any of those social media platforms. I do worry a lot about cyber security (I’m talking about you, Facebook!).

…Hell, I don’t even have a mobile phone, for that matter – and most people are flabbergasted to hear that. But as I always say, to carry a mobile phone is a choice for each individual and NOT compulsory in life. And I’m really annoyed that, if you don’t have a mobile number, you’d be treated like a second-class citizen nowadays (i.e. – you cannot enter prize draws or verify your bank accounts… and the list goes on).

But I’ll stop bitching about modern technology now – otherwise I’d need to rename this whole site ‘Analogue Dinosaur’s Rants’.

…Anyway, this is my second attempt at creating my own website – after the demise of my original BigBlog, which went down the drain long time ago when my Internet service provider ceased their free blog service.

There are quite a few topics I’d like to cover down the track – such as the mystery of the Japanese language; my travel tips and journals; my horror house-sharing stories (yes, I’ve had a fair share of those!); and, of course, my ever-expanding photo archives.

Unless otherwise stated, all images published on this website are my own work. Recent photos were obviously taken with my digital SLR, but most images taken before the past decade are film photos. I reckon most kids born this century wouldn’t have a clue what FILM photos are all about! There are thousands of old photos I have yet to scan, and I feel dizzy just thinking about it…! I’m sure it’ll take a while for me to complete that task, but I hope you’ll enjoy the (slow) ride along the way. Cheers!

Kaori, Sydney OZ

P.S. – Oh, and one other thing… If you happen to find an image of yourself on my site and do not want it displayed here, DO let me know before taking me to court, OK? In that case, I’ll try and remove the pic in question ASAP!

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